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Personal Training 

Michael Boudoin grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. A football scholarship brought him to Austin to play for the University of Texas, where he played as a defensive linebacker from 1994-1998. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Fitness. In February 2002, Michael became certified through the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist for the Activity Center at Motorola, where he created fitness and wellness programs. He helped design and implement several fitness programs like Weight Training for Women, various Boot Camp classes, as well as marathon/triathlon training programs. At Ergowellness, Michael brings his 15+ years of experience and vast knowledge to help patients continue to improve their fitness levels and achieve their goals after physical therapy. In his free time, he enjoys outdoor activities and coaching for the Central Texas Badgers Youth Sport Organization, which he cofounded 4 years ago! He enjoys long walks on the beach and spending time with his children and dog, Lola Belle. 

Michael's many years of experience working alongside physical therapists ensures a safe environment for individuals to transition into personal fitness. 

Any questions regarding personal training please contact Michael at 


Beginner Weight Training 

Every person comes from a different background, face different challenges, and therefore have different needs.  After age 50 muscle strength declines significantly, at approximately 15% per decade. In the beginning you should start at a level that is comfortable for you, starting with light weight, and increasing your repetitions as your muscles get stronger.  The goal of this class is to make you feel comfortable and safe with exercise.


Come learn how to properly use weights and resistance bands to ensure you get a safe effective workout here at Ergowellness.  Many of these exercise routines will work great at home and you will gain the confidence needed to incorporate these exercises anywhere you choose.


Single 30 min beginner “one on one” session = $40


Single 30 min beginner “Buddy – 2 people” = $35 each person


(30 min package sessions are available.)


Sign up now and get your first session at ½ price!  What a deal!

For more information and to sign up contact the front desk. 

Payment must be made at time of registration in person or over the phone. 



Per Course

Group Classes

Class Descriptions

Ai Chi: *All Levels*

    Individuals who aim to improve balance, pain management, breathing patterns, body awareness and stress relief will greatly benefit from this class. Designed and instructed by one of our licensed physical therapist’s, this class is  a low level, low intensity aquatic exercise and relaxation program. Experience combined deep breathing with slow, expansive movements of the arms, legs and trunk in a continuous flowing pattern. Come join us to wind down and expand your movements.


Aqua Movement: Beginner Level

    Are you seeking relief for your painful joints? Does your arthritis slow you down? If your goal is to build strength and move easier throughout your day, then this class is for you! Under the instruction of our licensed physical therapist, you will perform gentle exercises to improve your range of motion and build strength with decreased pain in an unweighted environment. Use our pool equipment to increase resistance for building strength or be free with your movement, either way the choice is yours!


Physioball Core: *All Levels*

    This is a class led by one of our licensed PTA’s which focuses on bringing awareness to your core and developing a solid foundation for all movements. Each day we will focus on different positions using a physioball. Open to all levels who seek the benefits from pain management, increased body awareness, improving strength and flexibility.


Stay tuned for the January 2019 Schedule!

$15 Per Class

For more information and to sign up contact the front desk. 

Payment must be made at time of registration in person or over the phone. 

Group Courses

$45 Per Course

To further promote health and wellness, we have created a few courses to apply to your current home exercise program and/or help understand correct form. These courses are in a series format, meaning they are offered for 3 consecutive weeks building upon the last class. Please feel free to call our front desk for more information. 


Course Descriptions

Aquatic Core: Beginner

     The goal of the course is to increase awareness of proper engagement in your deep abdominal muscles. In a heated, salt-water pool, you will gain a better understanding of the correct techniques to engage your deep abdominal muscles. In this low impact and low aerobic course, you can apply these principles to daily life, exercise routines and home exercise programs. Ultimately, the course creates a solid foundation as you continue on the path to reach your fitness goals. Attendance is important as each session builds upon the other. The class size is designed for an intimate setting to provide a more personal environment to allow the instructor to monitor, modify and correct form. We want to help you feel empowered in your everyday activities and overall health. 

Aquatic Core: Beginner/Intermediate 

     Take your core to the next level! Whether you’ve completed the beginner course or seeking a new activity to be challenged, this aquatic class is for you! From this course, you will continue on your journey to increase core strength and postural awareness using the similar principles from the beginner course. Add more to your core strengthening routine through the use of various aquatic equipment like aqua cuffs, fins, dumbbells and buoys. As this course is taught by one of our licensed physical therapist, we want to provide a safe environment to be active and have a fun time! Be part of a community that strives to heal!

Flexible Seniors: *All Levels*

     Did you know regular stretching can help improve balance, decrease pain, increase strength and stability? In this course, you will experience simple, non-threatening stretching techniques that can be used in your everyday life! Taught by one of our licensed PTA’s, the course covers different types of stretches, the muscle groups affected and how often to stretch for maximum benefits. To enhance body awareness, this unique class structure will have you executing stretches in our gym and heated-salt water pool.

Aquatic Core: Beginner 

Flexible Seniors

Aquatic Core: Beginner/Intermediate 


Stay tuned for the January 2019 Schedule!

For more information and to sign up contact the front desk. 

Payment must be made at time of registration in person or over the phone. 

Ergonomic Evaluation

What are ergonomics?
According to OSHA, "Ergonomics is the science of designing the job to fit the worker, rather than physically forcing the workers' body to fit the job." 

                                        What an Ergonomic Evaluation Can Do For You

  • Reduce Pain

  • Improve Blood Flow

  • Improve Posture

  • Improve Productivity

Our Philosophy is to provide cost effective and efficient services to the community by forming a team with employers, employees and physicians. We believe in having a detailed knowledge of the job in order to provide both preventative series and effective rehab outcomes. We not only address symptoms but also the risk factors on the job that contribute to the problems. By doing this, the utilization of our services are minimized. Our goal is to serve all individuals in our community to improve their health.

                                                          Services Offered:

  • Job Site Analysis

  • Training Class 

  • Consultations



*Participants have access to bike, treadmill and elliptical during non-peak hours of Physical Therapy (Refer to Front Desk for hours)*

Day Pass 

  • Current Patient: During operating hours, 1 time charge to use the facility for the day. Packages of 5 and 10 pass available (Must use package within 1 year of purchase date). (ONLY for individuals currently receiving treatment at Ergowellness Physical Therapy)

  • Non-Patient: During operating hours, 1 time charge to use the facility for the day. Packages of 5 and 10 pass available. (Must use package within 1 year of purchase date)


30 Day Pass: Unlimited amount of visits to the facility, during operating hours, within 30 days of purchase.


3 Month Pass: Unlimited amount of visits to the facility, during operating hours, within 3 months of purchase.


Automated Monthly Membership

ErgoWellness processes automatic debit/credit card on the 3rd day of every month. Automatic membership requires a 6 month minimum commitment. This authority is to remain in full force and effect until Ergowellness receives written notification by certified mail/email 30 days before intent to terminate membership or alter payment method.

Family Monthly Membership: 2 or more people in same household, which includes the senior citizen discount. In the event a member cancels their membership, the individual will need to change to a different rate, if so choose. Example, within a two person household, if one cancels the remaining individual will be changed to an Automatic Monthly Membership, 3 Month Pass or 30 Day Pass.

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